About Showerdrainsstore

Showerdrainsstore.uk comes forth from Pak Hengelo VOF, a Dutch firm. A wholesaler with roots within the packaging sector. Within the company nowadays there is also much know-how in IT, we are also offering services within that sector. It is perhaps a bit of an odd combination, but it works.

We started this webshop after a distributor, who had already offered these showerdrains since 2011 succesfully, asked us to take up these activities because of wanting to free up time for his wholesale activities. We were so excited for this product, not only because we are Dutch and love to get rid of water but also because they are quality showerdrains with a very low installation depth of 6.7 cm and a 360 degree rotating self-cleaning siphon and a quality finish in general. The whole package makes that these showerdrains have an unique position in the mid-market; they have characteristics of the high segment, but priced much lower!

With Showerdrainsstore.uk u can expect fast and positive communication and orderly handling of your order.