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What is a shower drain

A linear shower drain is placed over the entire width of the shower in contrary to the 'traditional' square sized version, which has recently lost a lot of popularity. No longer is the function solely to drain water though. Now you can finish your bathroom in style with linear shower drains that have an elegant and modern look, matching your personal taste.

Shower drain with slit grate

Our stainless steel grate drain has been laser cut to create slits which give the grate its contemporary look. Due to this detail, your drain will be an obvious centre of attention in your bathroom. This authentic appealing grate will make it more than obvious what its function will be during your shower sensation.

Shower drain with matt cover

This smooth stainless steel grate has a stylish look and brings an atmosphere of calmness and clarity to your bathroom so that you may enjoy an intense shower experience. This model shows how simplicity and appearance combined into a tasteful package. This grate would be best compared with the tileable version, but on this model, the tile replaced with a matt polished stainless steel grate.

Tile insert shower drain

The stainless steel tileable grate gives an optimal finish as it can match the tiles of your grate and floor elegantly. The appearance of the grate will be kept at an absolute minimum as it will almost be invisible to the eye. By using this tileable grate, it can be a perfect match for your modern bathroom. The result defines itself in the most tasteful presentation.

Shower drain with flange

A shower drain with a flange distinguishes itself as it has an edge that protrudes around the entire drain. This edge makes it possible to apply a 100% waterproofing membrane bought separately. On this 100% waterproofing membrane, you can then apply a waterproof coating.

This drain can be applied to watertight (concrete) floors and non-watertight (wooden) floors. Shower drains with a flange give an extra sense of assurance advised to be used at all times in case of non-watertight floors.

Shower drains with flange are available for all drains: the grated, matt and tile insert drains.

Waterproof membrane

The waterproof membrane is an accessory which can be purchased separately for your shower drain with flange. This membrane can provide a 100% certain watertight area around the drain. Read the manual for information on how to install the waterproof membrane.


Due to the extra high water lock of 4cm the siphon will not fall dry any time soon. Ideal if the bathroom has been out of use for a longer period. In addition to this primary function as a "stench valve", this patented siphon is also fully self-cleaning and 360 ° rotatable!

Hair catcher

The hair catcher helps to prevent unnecessary drainage of long hairs that may be a cause of potential clogging. By removing the cover of your drain, you can easily take out the hair catcher, clean it, and place it back in its original position.

Grate lifter

This little accessory will allow you to easily lift the cover of your drain in case you want to access and clean the hair catcher.

Height adjustable legs

With these levellers you can make sure your shower drain is level and contributes to optimal drainage of water. Before pouring concrete flooring, it is highly advisable levelling your drain first!

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