Tile insert drain 80cm
Tile insert drain 80cm Tile insert drain 80cm Tile insert drain 80cm Tile insert drain 80cm

Tile insert drain 80cm

The stainless steel tileable grate gives an optimal finish as it can match the tiles of your grate and floor in an elegant way. The appearance of the grate will be kept at an absolute minimum as it will almost be invisible to the eye. By using this tileable grate it can be a perfect match to your modern bathroom. The end result defines itself in the most tasteful presentation.

  • Invisible tile insert drain
  • Self-cleaning and 360° rotatable siphon
  • Installation height 67 mm
  • Water seal 40 mm
  • Capacity 30 liter p/m
  • First-rate shower drain, very favourably priced
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Tile insert linear shower drain with rotatable siphon and accessories

A lineair shower drain is placed over the entire width of the shower in contrary to the "traditional" square sized version. No longer is the function solely to drain water. Now you can finish your bathroom in style with linear shower drains that have an elegant and modern look, matching your personal taste. If you are looking for a shower drain that has much of the characteristics of the premium segments , but much more favorably priced, than this shower drain is the right pick.

Ingebouwde tegelgoot
Example of this invisible shower drain with black tiles, easy installation with the height adjustable legs and low installation height.

All advantages of this shower drain below:

Stainless steel low profile shower drain (67 mm)
This shower drain has an extra low installation height of only 7 cm. This eases installing this shower drain and in some cases can make the difference between being able to install or not. The installation height of the siphon is 50 mm.
Rotatable drainage junction
The shower drain can also be connected sideways thanks to the drainage junction that can be fully turned.
Self-cleaning 360° rotatable siphon
Extra high water seal of 4 cm, this siphon does not dry up quickly. Ideal for longer periods of non-use. This siphon is fully self-cleaning by making use of a patented system of water rotation.
Stainless steel removable grate
Drain with 65 mm width. Give your shower area a complete look with this tile insert drain.
Siphon side connection 40 mm
Can also be used lower connected with a PVC 90-degree hub. Take into account that the side connection with a PVC hub adapter will be around 50 mm.
Height adjustable legs
With these levelers you can make sure your shower drain is level and contributes to an optimal drainage of water.
Stainless steel, AISI 304 quality
Material thickness 2 mm. Produced in Germany. High quality shower drain. Manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.
Made in Germany

The shower drain kit includes:

  • Stainless steel shower drain
  • Rotatable siphon
  • Hair catcher
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Handy tool to lift the cover

These shower drains are suited for any type of bathroom, contemporary or classical, newly build or rennovation. Sizes vary from 50 to 120 cm in length. Three variations, three combinations. You will receive a shower drain of the -utmost- quality against the -sharpest- price!

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