Toilet seat FAMILY Thermoset White

Toilet seats in different colours or prints. Toilet seats do not have to look bland, they can also be delivered in a diverse range of prints, or divergent colours.

This toilet seat has the following characteristics:

  • Comfort and functionality: silent closing thanks to the Soft-Close system
  • Easy setup: includes fixing materials
  • Easy to clean: smooth-pored surface makes for easy care
  • Long lifespan: almost unbreakable and scratch-resistant
  • Practical and adjustable: no need for an additional toilet seat for children
  • Standard size: suitable for all standard WC bowls
  • Measurements: see below
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Toilet Seats

Our toilet seats follow the latest trends, are competitively priced and made of the utmost quality.

Toilet seat measurements
  • Y = 456 mm
  • X = 378 mm
  • Z = 125 - 170 mm
  • 1 = 214 mm
  • 2 = 288 mm
  • B = 160 mm
  • H = 196 mm

Material options

  • Example wood core toilet seat
    Wooden Core
    Pleasant seat comfort and skin friendly are these toilet seats with wood core. The material gets pressed into shape and has a nice surface.
  • Example MDF toilet seat
    MDF is the abbreviation for medium denisty fibreboard. MDF has an even, regular structure in every direction. Wood fibres are compressed to form board and have a particularly fine surface finish.
  • Example Bamboo toilet seat
    Bamboo toilet seats are made of pure Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. The multi-layered finishing preserves a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Example thermoset toilet seat
    Thermoset toilet seats are manufactured by compression moulding. The extremely hard, solid penetraciondyed material is unbreakable and scratch-resistant. The smooth-pored surface makes for easy care.
  • Example MDF High Gloss toilet seat
    MDF High Gloss
    High Gloss toilet seats are distinguished by their high-gloss surface and perfect workmanship. The combination of this surface on the MDF toilet seat makes it easy to clean.
  • Example thermoset high gloss toilet seat
    Thermoset High Gloss
    High Gloss toilet seats are distinguished by their high-gloss surface and perfect workmanship. The combination of this surface on the thermoset toilet seat makes it easy to clean.

Options functions

  • Example Soft-Close
    A distinctive feature is the innovating Soft Close system. This technology is used in nearly all our toilet seats. A slight nudge to the standing toilet lid, and it will slowly close automatically, saving the seat from any damage.
  • Quick Release
    Practical Quick Release system. By means of this practical Quick Release system the toilet seat is easy to attach and take off when straight. This can be very convenient, cleaning the bowl makes this a very handy feature.
    Example Soft-Close a Example Example Soft-Close b
  • Example Soft-Close c
    Family friendly seats
    Toilet seats made of high-quality Thermoset with automatic lowering and integrated child seat. Pleasant seat comfort for children and adults.
  • Age appropriate seats
    Easier sitting en standing up because of the toilet elevation. The practical pull-tab makes it easier to open and close the lid. And the bumpers prevent the toilet seat to slide to the side.
    Example age appropriate a Example age appropriate b Example age appropriate c
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