Washbasin mixer ALCES Two handle Chrome
Washbasin mixer ALCES Two handle Chrome Washbasin mixer ALCES Two handle Chrome Washbasin mixer ALCES Two handle Chrome

Washbasin mixer ALCES Two handle Chrome

Washbasin mixers often tend to be a little bit more compact and modest than shower or bath taps but they do often are more in the picture than those: they are an important element of the entire look of your bathroom, and also in the toilet room they have a prominent place.

This Washbasin mixer has the following characteristics:

  • ½" (∅ approx. 1.9 cm) —
    ceramic valve bonnets
  • Flexible metal connection hoses
  • 1 ¼" (∅ approx. 4 cm ) —
  • Metal handle
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Washbasin mixers

Our washbasin mixers follow the latest trends, are competitively priced and made of the utmost quality.

Example washbasin mixer

Overview: explanation of (optional) characteristics and components washbasin mixers:

Single lever or Two handle tap
Traditional taps always had the need for two distinct handles with cold and warm water taps, single lever taps nowadays can adjust cold (and warm) with one handle.
Mixing valve
A mixing valve makes possible that you need not adjust the warm and cold tap yourself. Thermostatic mixing valves make it even easier by enabling you to select the temperature, one only needs to adjust the water power afterwards.
Ceramic discs
Ceramic discs are firm and smoothly finalized. Practically they do not wear down, preventing dripping water. Much less wear and tear and easier opening and closing the valve are the big advantages over washers.
Anti-limescale nozzles
Nozzle which makes removing limescale easy thanks to the synthetic structure.
Water saving gasket
A rubber which saves you water.
Knob or handle
Our water taps mostly make use of handles because the ease of setting up warmth and water power by means of one continuous motion, but the more authentic looking knobs are also still very populair and available.
An aerator makes sure air is added to the water, the well known bubbles. The added air makes the water feel softer.
Swivel tap
The spout of the water tap can be swivelled.
Eco Click function
Water conservation function, upwards to 50% water conservation.
Low pressure taps
Low pressure taps are needed when the warmth supply of sinks pass through a boiler. Low pressure taps consist of a third connecting hose and can be recognised by the lightening icon on the packaging.
DIN EN 248
Extra high-quality according to standardization.
Taps with illumination is also possible, thanks to LED technology very energy-efficient, illuminates often through water power, batteries not necessary.
Waterfall pillar
With waterfall taps the water is not flowing out of an ordinary rounded pillar but a wide flat pillar with an opening on top or closed, which makes the jet fall down and create the waterfall effect.
Pull-out extractable spout
Taps with a hand shower which emerges from the spout. This enables you to easily aim with a seemingly ordinary water tap. Taps with extractable or pull-out mousseur or dual spray.
Swan-neck spout
A swan-neck tap, tap with a swan-neck spout, has an often protruding oval rounded spout with the handle or knob at the bottom, parallel to the spout.
Spiral-spring spout
Taps with a spiral-spring make the spout flexible, give them a 360° swivel radius and its distinctive appearance makes it look robust and industrial.

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Whichever washbasin mixer you choose, you can be assured of a quality product.

Shipment indication
In stock manufacturer, ready for shipment 1-2 weeks
Water tabs
Product Group
Mixer tap
Specification Shower tap
2-lever, Washbasin
Spout Type
Oval, Traditional
Base Colour
5 years
Quality mark
KTW, W270
Stainless steel